Address Book Pictures

Address Book Pictures

Address Book Pictures imports images to your Mac OS X Contacts/Address Book from Actives Directory or LDAP servers.

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Version 0.9b4 for Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.9


1. Download

The application is distributed as a disk image (.DMG file). Download and double click to mount the disk image.

2. Copy to Applications directory

Simply drag it to your Applications directory. You might be prompted by your system for an administrator password.

How To Use

The basic process for using Address Book Pictures is:

  • define a configuration for an LDAP server
  • test the connection
  • open connection to view available photos
  • set update action and synchronize pictures to Address Book

Define and Test Configuration

Address Book Pictures Config

This is by far the hardest part of the process but once done, can be used over and over to refresh new pictures into your Address Book. Start by selecting "Configurations" under the "Window" menu. Under the gear icon choose "Add LDAP Connection." Connections to LDAP servers typically have this information to define them:

  • Host and Port: The host can be a hostname or IP address. The port, if left blank, will use the LDAP default.
  • Authentication Type, Username and Password: For a public LDAP server this can be left blank. For LDAP servers that require authentication you'll need to enter your account information here.
  • Search Base: An LDAP server is like a big tree of information and the search base is the place to start looking for "people" records.
  • Search Filter: A filter allows you to reduce the number of results that come back. You can filter on specific user names or wild carded email addresses.

Determining the LDAP connection can be the most frustrating part of this. If you already have an LDAP connection in Address Book you can copy the settings to Address Book Pictures. Or, if you have an internal IT department that may be good place to start.

Once you have a configuration entered you can test the connection which will display the user name and emails. Once tested, select "Open Connection" to get pictures synchronizing.

WARNING: In this beta release, all passwords are stored in plain text.

Open Connection and Synchronize

Address Book Pictures Sync

When you open a connection a new window will open which will cross reference the LDAP results with your address book for those LDAP records that have pictures. For each record you can either update it with the photo or skip it. Buttons at the bottom will assist in selecting all or none to update. Using the "Update Blank" button will only set those Address Book records with no photo to import.

Once you have an action set for each record, click "Synchronize" to run through the actions for each record. Once finished, your Address Book will be updated.


There are some differences between LDAP servers and the application may need to be updated to account for those differences. If you know your LDAP server has pictures but Address Book Pictures can't pull them out, I would love to know more about what your LDAP server vendor/version is.

More LDAP Tips

If you're familiar with the command line, you can sometimes figure out your LDAP search base by using the ldapsearch command line. Here is an example:

$ ldapsearch -x -h you.ldapserver.local -b "" -s base "objectclass=*"

Look for a line like one of the following:

  • namingContexts: DC=YourDomain,DC=local
  • namingContexts: o=Your Company or University,c=US

Enter that information (minus the "namingContexts:" part) into the search base and give it a try. Hope that helps!

Change Log

Here is the version history of the app.

  • version 0.9b4
    • Updated for 10.9 (Mavericks).
  • version 0.9b3
    • Fixed pre-10.8 bug.
    • Increased compatibility across various LDAP servers for photo attribute.
  • version 0.9b2
    • Removed LDAP entries with no email from test list.
    • UI updates for open connection window.
    • Documentation updates.
  • version 0.9b1
    • Initial release.


Let me know if you have any comments or feedback on Address Book Pictures.