TNEF's Enough for iOS

TNEF's Enough for iOS

TNEF's Enough allows iOS devices to read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF stream files. The files are usually received by SMTP based e-mail programs from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook users. The SMTP based e-mail program will usually receive either a MIME attachment named "winmail.dat" or a MIME attachment with the type "application/ms-tnef."

The file is a rich text (or MAPI) message that is sent from Outlook to Exchange. When Exchange sends the message to an outside server it writes the MAPI message as a MIME attachment. The unfortunate side effect of this plan is if the Outlook user has someone in their address book as a person who can receive "Rich Text" then the user will receive the TNEF file whether the user uses Outlook or not.

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Get It

TNEF's Enough for iOS can be installed from the App Store.

App Store

Use It

1. Open Received winmail.dat with TNEF's Enough for iOS

TNEF's Enough installs itself as an app that can open ".dat" files on iOS. When you receive "winmail.dat" files in apps like Mail, you can select the attachment and select to copy the file to TNEF's Enough.

2. Open "winmail.dat" file and view embedded files

Once the "winmail.dat" file is opened in TNEF's Enough, you can select it to read. View the email body and access the embedded files.

Change Log

Here is the version history of the app.

  • version 1.0
    • Initial release!


Let me know if you have any problems with using TNEF's Enough for iOS or if you have suggestions for future versions. I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Thank You

For everyone who has donated or has passed on their appreciation, I say "Thank You!" Your donations help to keep the lights on (or web site running) so that others with winmail.dat problems on iOS can find a free solution.


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