Web Development

My day job is in web development with roles ranging from technical director to technical project lead to lead developer. I've been in the web development business for 22 years. I have experience with the following facets of web development:

  • Requirements gathering, site architecture, implementation
  • Technology evaluation, platform definition
  • Internal and external (B2B/B2C) facing sites
  • Integration with 3rd party content management and product catalog systems
  • Custom user management systems and integration with 3rd party UMS's
  • Team development/collaboration with information architects and front end designers
  • Design and implementation of load balanced environments
  • System configuration

My most recent direct experience is with the following technologies:

  • J2EE; Spring and Struts frameworks
  • .NET and Microsoft MVC
  • Apache, Tomcat and IIS
  • MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle
  • Hibernate
  • SOAP, XML based web services
  • JavaScript, jQuery front end development

Out of work focuses are towards open source technologies like LAMP, PHP, Drupal, ZK, etc.